Manish Rawat


MR. Rawat joined UMD in 2014 to work as a Area Sales Manager. Mr. Rawat is dedicated and sincere towards his work. Ha has years of experience in medical industry. He is very cooperative and helpful by nature.

Nirav Bhatt

(Sales Manger)

Mr. Bhatt has joined UMD in 2018. His experience, knowledge and understanding is a key to know better what our customers expect from our Product . He has more then 10 years experience in Medical field. He is very hard working person.

Sandeep Rana

(Application & Service Engineer)

Mr. Sandeep joined UMD in 2016 and is one of our highly experienced field engineers. He has vast knowledge of the current UMD Product and he is able to provide technical support, services for all your Surgical Equipment and Instruments systems.